Grand Lodge
Communitas Saturni



Welcome to the homepage of our Grand Lodge Communitas Saturni, the Thelemic Saturn community in the idea of Gregor A. Gregorius.

The Communitas Saturni is a magical-mystical lodge of knowledge in occult- esoteric direction located in Germany. Our aim is to support our members' spiritual and ethical-esoteric development.

We have decided to provide our sites in English in response to the many, many interested enquiries from abroad we have received right from the start of our website. However, we need to emphasise that our work solely takes place in Germany and in the German language. We are not represented in any other country and cannot provide a tele membership.

Still we would like to continue to inform interested and like-minded people about this magical system of old tradition with our website.

For any other information, you can find our contact details at Kontakt.