Principles of the Communitas Saturni

The Communitas Saturni is a lodge of knowledge without any political or economic aims, committed to the democratic constitution of the German country. The members of the Communitas Saturni must do their duty concerning the state, job and family conscientiously.

The Communitas Saturni accepts the equal rights of all kinds of religions, cultures, men and women. Each member has equal rights and duties within the community.

The Communitas Saturni aims to inspire the members to develop spiritual and ethical growth in order to increase the human dignity for the weal of the human evolution. The Communitas Saturni cultivates the spiritual individuality of the members to become energetic, balanced and strong personalities acting on their own responsibility and being mostly resistant to negative influences.

The Communitas Saturni is no dogmatic community of faith; the members are rather desired and required to bring in their own ideas. Most of the members have specialised in certain areas which they study. Their magical ways and studies from the past remain for future continuation in the lodge.

Working together should bring about a feeling of togetherness based on honesty and mutual confidence so that a relationship as between brothers and sisters can be established. The members are required to offer tolerance and acceptance towards individuals, thus high ethical qualities are requested from the members.

The law of the lodge of the Communitas Saturni is only of mental binding. The hierarchy within the community is based upon the high degree system of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the single degrees of which are to study in decades of work.

The Communitas Saturni is a hermetic order which is not supposed to be an obscure “secret society”, but a discreet society. The lodge/grand lodge is an officially registered society in Germany and is organised according to German law.

In case of interest, we provide information about membership in the Communitas Saturni or guest events, which take place once a year in Germany.

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