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The term “Saturn Gnosis” refers to the occult, cosmological concept perceived and developed by Gregor A. Gregorius. This complex system describes, with the lore of the aeons and demiurges, the Age of Aquarius that has just begun under the Thelemic law. “Saturngnosis” was also the name of an occult periodical which was published within 1928-1930 by Gregor A. Gregorius in his capacity as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge FRATERNITAS SATURNI. The periodical and its succeeding organ “Blaetter zur okkulten Lebenskunst” (scripts of the occult art of living) published from 1950 to 1954 were concerned with the approaching Thelemic age on nearly 4000 pages. This article can therefore only refer to a few important points of this ideology in short.

The gnostic doctrine and its history began with Mani (Manichaeism) and Zarathustra. The central statement of the Gnosis was and still is that the world is divided into polarities, in light and dark, positive and negative. The creative energy, which is the origin of existence, was perfect and consummate. From this source emanated the creators of the universes and ages, the so-called Archons and Demiurges. But there happened to be a separation within the said creative energy and so the duality in the world came into being. From this philosophic starting point various doctrines were developed in the course of the centuries, so that today “Gnosis” is a collective name for different kinds of currents. But dualism still is a central topic, as well as the question of light and darkness. Within the Christian gnosis, it was always a question of “good” and “evil”.

In the following I do not want to consider those Christian categories, but Gnosis within the meaning of knowledge and perception. The opposite of it is Pistis (belief) what the Abrahamian religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islamism) request from their followers.

The Saturn Gnosis implies that a man or a woman as microcosm is the reflected image of the macrocosm. Humans therefore possess the complete creative potentiality of the universe. This is expressed in the sentence “Every man and every woman is a star”. Now it is necessary to evolve this powerful and mighty potentiality within and to find the own true will. This is expressed in the Law of THELEMA which goes: “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law! There is no Law but: Do what thou wilt!” In the past ages quite a few people were able to perceive and to follow that, but there is a collective interest in the Age of Aquarius that will enable more people to translate the Law of Thelema into action.

The alternative is slavery and suppression by the dying Christian god, whose image has been maintained by the agony of his followers during the last 2000 years. The fading Age of Pisces has been ruled astrologically and/or astrosophically by the realms of Jupiter and Neptune. But this power, or in the diction of the Saturn Gnosis, this Demiurge has come to an end.

The dawning Age of Aquarius is influenced by Saturn and Uranus. Uranus as a revolutionist is the symbol for the upheaval of the dogmata and self-made laws. The Demiurge Saturn symbolises limits as well as the expansion of the human ego and its evolution. Furthermore, Saturn shows the individual path of the ego according to the Law of Thelema. The Saturn Gnosis also describes that the solar principle, the ego, is an essence of Saturn. To say it metaphorically, the essence of Saturn is the sun, and the essence of the sun is Saturn. This analogy reminds of the symbol of Yin and Yang, each including the contrary principle within. So now we have reached light and darkness, a central term of Gnosticism. The Saturn Gnosis however is about to unite and to rule the principles of dualism up to highest standards.

Chelates (students) hence try to follow the way of the dynamic balance and to awaken cosmic qualities inside beyond of religious and moral terms such as good and evil. The principle of counter-polarity finds its expression in brightness – darkness, Sun – Saturn, and in the term of the Black Light. The Law of Thelema refers to the same with the concept of “Love is the law! Love under will! Love without compassion!”. This love means that everything is cross-linked, and also refers to the permanent act of creation from dual principles, the union of male and female. In the Greek Kabbalah, the number of Thelema is 93, and the Greek word is Agape (love). Hence, from the Kabbalistic point of view, will and love are related. And so is sex magic, which in effect means to work with polarities, considered as the strongest magical principle.

It is to emphasise here again that Saturn is seen as causal principle to bring the ego forward to highest grades. Saturn is not supposed to be a deity according to the Abrahamian model, but rather the principle of knowledge and awareness in full karmic self-responsibility. This concept may help us to liberate from our own limitations and let us become deities, or otherwise reflect our own prison when lacking maturity. The first case is referred to as the higher octave of Saturn, in the latter case, as the lower octave. The higher octave of Saturn is often called Lucifer whereas the lower octave is characterised as Satan in the meaning of the Tarot card “The Devil” (refer to Crowley/Harris tarot). It is certainly the aim of the Saturnian path to recognise the own divinity and to push up the ego by the perception of the true will.

This concept therefore represents the Left-Hand Path. This principle is of course diametrically opposed to what Abrahamian religions expect: Obedience, blind faith and humility. Regardless of the way the hopefully well-disposed reader will choose in karmic self-responsibility, in the end of the aeon everybody will stand before the strict judgement seat of Saturn. If the flame of Lucifer has been kindled inside, the threshold of the abyss to the divine realm will be crossed. Otherwise the person will be cast into the abyss as a slave of his or her own.

The decision is up to you!

Today, the following secret lodges are concerned with the concept of the Saturn Gnosis and its development:

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