Thou art Thyself God

Thou must affirm the God in Thee,
for every doubt takes power from Thee,
and every step towards Thy divine awareness
brings Thee a step higher in Thy maturity!

Thou canst kindle the spark, that God hath lent to Thee,
 to the pure flame that makes worlds
fall and rise again.
God is in Thee! - Thou art Thyself God!

Thus Thou canst have Gods enthroned in Thee,
build altars, ignite sacrificial flames,
for every form of dream and thought empowers Thee
and every wish takes shape and form.

Thus Thou art the builder of transcendent worlds,
imaginary creator of Thy own realm,
Thou art priest, magus, kingly lord
and prince of thy soul’s vast expanse.

Cypress groves surround your palaces of thought
and blue waves strike against the marble steps
and ships sail upon the oceans
for Thee, Thou who wearest the purple.

The Earth is Thy sorrow that produced the knowledge
and bitter fruits of its Golgotha.
And nevertheless, some day the call will reach Thee:
“Lo! I am here!”


Eugen Grosche, Gregor A. Gregorius (1888-1964)




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