Prometheus Released

What is this dread conformity which I now see?
This pallid pathetic race that I have dared to ensoul
Ensouled with the spark of that divine fire
That barely burns and is so easily snuffed out?
A thousand deaths I have died for you
Each time in delicious excruciating agony
Knowing full well one would always come to my aid
And that one always will
Again and again
But now
I weep openly for this near dead mass of little men
Huddled together
Stripped of all strength and identity
Stripped of the courage to say I
The gift that I have freely given
I must rekindle the spark
Although greatly undeserved
And I shall be bound again
By your tyranny of pleasant pettiness
In order that you may strive and see
Through those fireless lies once again


We have received this poem from:
Scott Martin




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